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 As you maybe know to produce Aluminum or PVC windows you should follow these steps:


For all of these steps you need Aluminum and PVC window machines that you can find here. You should select your production line in accordance with the capacity that you have defined.For example, to produce 10 – 15 normal window or door per 8 hours, it is enough to set up a standard single-head set of PVC window and door machines, and for output of 25 – 30 normal window and doors per 8 hours, the standard two head PVC window and door machine set is required. You may need CNC PVC window and door machines to make more than 100 products per day.



 PVC window machinery - Our recommendations 


 PVC window machines - CNC 



We can design window production lines and set layout as your needs.

In the CNC window machinery section, we divided all processes in 3 parts:

You can have CNC for each of these processes. In addition, we can offer you one "4X4 CNC Welding and cleaning center" and 3 "Profile process center " that produce up to 1400 window or doors per a day.

Click here to see our various ranges of CNC window machines.


 Aluminum & PVC window machines - cutting 



We have three types of cutting machines for window machinery:

·         aluminum or PVC profile cutting machine

·         PVC Glazing Bead Cutting machine·        

.         Reinforcement Steel cuting machine

You can find Single head and double head Aluminum/PVC profile cutting machines here.

click on the name or picture to get more details.

We have two sorts of Aluminum & PVC profile double head cutting machines. One is manual in MITRE and angels and the other is fully automatic.

You can find two types of Glazing bead cutting-machines here: Automatic PVC Glazing bead cutting and Full automatic PVC glazing bead cutting-machine.

For access to Reinforcement steel cutting machines, click here.

Click here to see our professional Cutting machines.


 PVC window machines - Welding 


Welding is of the most important stages in PVC window manufacturing line. You can find three sorts of PVC window welding machines here.

Single corner PVC window welding machine

Double corner PVC window welding machine

Four corner PVC window welding machine


Click here to see more details about our professional welding machines. 


 PVC window machinery - Corner Cleaning 


After welding PVC window profiles, it is required to clean the welded points, especially the top, bottom, outside and inside of the welded corners need cleaning. PVC Corner cleaning machine is essential to do this work. Normal PVC corner cleaning machines can clean Top, bottom and outside of the corners, but CNC corner cleaners also clean inside of the corners.

To produce more than 60 windows per a day, probably you require CNC PVC corner cleaning machines.

Click here to see more details.


 Aluminum & PVC window machinery - End milling 
CF3060 Automatic, Adjustable-Angle, Double Cutter End Milling Machine
CF3060 Automatic, Adjustable-Angle, Double Cutter End Milling Machine
More Information
CE3060 Manual, Adjustable-Angle, Single Cutter End Milling Machine
CE3060 Manual, Adjustable-Angle, Single Cutter End Milling Machine
More Information

End milling machine is used to make ready mullions for connecting to the frames.

For suitable locating of mullions in frame profile, the frame should be end milled by End milling machine. There are many types of end milling machine in aluminum & PVC window and door machinery: manual end milling machine and automatic end milling machine, each one with single set knife or double set knife types.

For aluminum windows, your machine should be equipped with cooling system.


There are manual PVC End Milling and automatic PVC End Milling machines.

You be supposed to order "End milling machine with cooling system" for Aluminum profiles.


 Aluminum & PVC machines - Drilling 


You need drilling and copy router machines for opening holes of window and door handles, sash fastener channels, espagnolettes and for making water slots on uPVC or Aluminum profiles.

You can find various drilling machines here.

For producing aluminum windows, your drilling machine should be equipped with cooling system.

Click here to see more Drilling machines.


 Aluminum Window machines 


Click here to see our window machinery for aluminum.


 Aluminum & PVC window machinery - Other 


To produce PVC window, you need some other tools or machines to screw reinforcement steel to profiles. You can do this by hand tools or by machinery.

Here you can find manual, automatic and CNC machinery for screwing.

After profile processing, welding and cleaning you should assemble accessories.

We can introduce you an equipped table for easy assembling windows.

Click here to see our other aluminum and PVC window machines.


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