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FA1020 Cutting and Processing Center
Profile Processing, Cutting and Reinforcement Steel Screwing Center
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Flexible program structure harmonious with joinery and optimization programs
Modular structure that works at the same time.
Allows planning of production capacity
Standard and high quality production capacity
Continous Kaban training and technical services
Full Safety against accidents thanks to CE Certificated Security Components
Industrial PC Features
Processing Unit
Processing unit in which all the hole drilling, canal opening, marking operations are made.
6 axlı servo-controlled
Servo-motor controlled driller in order to open water slot canals to between 0 - 60 angles (with 0,01° spaces)
Cutting Unit
Servo -motor controlled adjustable saw operating speed
Servo-controlled cutting unit with 0,1° cutting sensitivity between 30°-150° angles.
Screwdriver Unit
Servo-controlled automatic screwdriwer which is able to adjust screw space as per profile type and cut length
Shavings conveyor
• Automatic Bacode Printer
• End milling unit which has easy changable cutter set
• Dust absorbing system
• Mechanical unit which fit the reinforcement steel in the profile
• Barcode reader ( Automatik screwdiwer )
• Mullion Blade Defining Sensor
• PTR 100.Profile Carrying Shelf
• Screwdriver Unit Screw Feeding Sensor

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