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AA1020 Single Head Mitre Saw
Single Head Mitre Saw for PVC or Aluminium - Upward Stroke
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Precise cutting of PVC and aluminium profiles between 20° and 160°
High sensivity on angle adjustment with vertical movement system
Adjustable saw progress speed for aluminium profiles
Electro-pneumatic control
Pneumatic profile clamping system
Profile Measuring And Feeding Conveyors
Safety cover lid for safe cutting
Automatic lubrication system
Absolute safety against accidents thanks to CE Certificated Safety Components
• 17929 Cutting Oil Spray System
• DS100 Manual Type Digital Measurement System
• DS200 R Rotating Arm Controlled Digital Measurement System - Right
• DS200 L Rotating Arm Controlled Digital Measurement System - Left
• 17494 Feeding Table
• 17495 Display Table

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