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CD3050 2-Axis CNC, PVC Corner Cleaning Machine

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Cleaning of bead which occur after 90º welding of PVC window sash, door and other similar profiles.
Cleaning a corner in 15-25sec depending on profile type, 280-350 pieces of frames in 8 hours
High performance cleaning thanks to 11 tools operated by computer control.
High and stable standard quality in each profile surface, due to its patented special design cutters
Cleaning laminated and white profiles with different blades.
Capacity of storing 256 profiles in memory, and automatic profile recognition
In case of conflicts at automatic profile recognition, listing the conflicted profiles to help the operator to select the correct program
Selection of laminated and white profiles from control panel
Practical and fast corner cleaning program that can be prepared and installed to the machine by operator.
5,7" Portable, touch-screen control panel
Multi Language Selection
Customizable programming (user must have training to be able to change programming).
Very short training time, practical and user friendly data input for new profiles thanks to control program designed by Kaban
Large stand with brushes enables the profile to move sensitively without any damage
Adjustable cutting speed settings.
Statistical reports.
Control of air pressure
Additional security measures - with manual control
Automatic lubrication and low oil warning.
High working speed due to strong and robust structure
Time saving, high quality cleaning
Unique Kaban industrial design
Standart manufacturing times enable effective production planning
Absolute safety against accidents thanks to CE Certificated Safety Components
• TK 100 Lame Sash Cleaning Unit

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