Single head welding


Single head welding

This is an affordable corner welding machine for a minimal Upvc window workshop.
Product Code: ZW-505

Can do a precise and strong welding of PVC (Vinyl) Profiles in various angels! 

Can mange 0.2 mm welding seam for both white and colored  profiles. 

Welding temperature, melting time and welding time can digitally be adjusted. 

Well designed heating plates provide a homogeneous heat distribution, without any affection of the work place conditions.

The welding molds can be replaced quickly and easily.

White and laminated profiles can be weld with the same sensitivity by this machine. 


Between 30° to 180°

210 mm

No limit!

Welds white and colored PVC (Vinyl) profiles.

Up to 190 mm (in 180° welding)
Up to 160 mm (in 90° welding)
Up to 125 mm (in 60° welding)
Up to 85 mm (in 30° welding)

40 mm up to 170 mm


Conform to CE




1,5 kw , 230 V, 1 Phase, 50-60 Hz

6-8 bar

35 lt. /min.


650 mm

600 mm

1,300 mm

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