Four head welding


Four head welding

This is an ideal machine for welding (vinyl) PVC profiles at four corner simultaneously!
Product Code: WM740
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Can do four 90° welding simultaneously.

A high performance industrial PC with 15” touch screen display and Windows® XP Embedded, is included in this welding machine. the motherboard of this PC is fan-less and can work in 0°C – 55°C.

Welding temperature, melting time and welding time can be adjusted for each type of profile, separately.

Welding parameters for up to 10.000 different profiles can be defined in the machine.

Each head of machine moves accurately, thanks to accurate and durable, "hardened steel ball screw" in machine axes!

Heat sustainability during the welding process is controlled by a PC controlled (PID) heat control system, so the result is a strong and standard welding!

Well designed heating plates provide a homogeneous heat distribution, without any affection of the work place conditions.

The machine can detect work place conditions and automatically setup itself for Summer  Winter conditions.

There is a special designed roll up Teflon system on this machine, that provides a simple, safe and quick Teflon replacement!

The welding molds can be replaced quickly and easily.

White and laminated profiles can be weld with the same sensitivity by this machine.

Daily, weekly, monthly or annually production reports can be collected by the software of this machine.

The system status and all ERROR messages can be monitored and traced on screen, byHMI software.



Welds white and colored PVC (Vinyl) profiles.
welds four corner of a frame at the same time!
Can be integrated in welding and corner cleaning CNC-lines!

3,600 mm x 2,600 mm

450 mm x 450 mm
520 mm x 570 mm (with gasket pressing system)

Up to 120 mm

35 mm up to 180 mm

Ethernet connection, wireless, USB

Light barriers and safety equipment conform to CE


There is a central lubrication system that minimizes maintenance time.

Service to the entire automation system,trouble shooting and fault removals can be done via remote connection

11.5 kW, 28.75 A , 400 V, 3 Phases, 50-60 Hz

6-8 bar

70 lt. /min.


4,980 mm

4,750 mm

1,880 mm

1,920 kg

Optional features

By this option it is possible to correct inaccuracy of cutting up to +2 mm and weld the product in the set size!

For proper welding of profiles with gasket!

automatic setting for welding range

one set is included

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