Cutting and Profile Processing Center - High Speed


Cutting and Profile Processing Center - High Speed

This CNC machine is capable of cutting and processing PVC (vinyl) profile and bars automatically.
Product Code: SMC320
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This 3 axes cutting and processing line can automatically and optimizely cut and process PVC profile bars.

Cutting accuracy is 0.1° and 11 pieces of full length profile bars can be loaded on the machine.

This machine can process the profile with higher speed, thanks to it's ability in doing different processing jobs as well as cutting, simultaneously!

Loading station works faster, because can load several profiles simultaneously! 

This machine automatically optimizes cutting lists to minimize wastes!

All processes such as opening espagnolette (Tilt system) holes and slots, 

Opening drain slots, hinge holes , Lock cylinders and door handle holes, can be done with high quality and high speed!

A high performance industrial PC with 15” touch screen display and Windows® XP Embedded, is included in the machine. the motherboard of this PC is fan-less and can work in 0°C – 55°C.

There is an Industrial PC Based Servo Control System (Beckhoff).

Programming for new profile is very easy and the software can read from DXF, DWG and PDF file formats.

The machine has a well-designed, user-friend software that recognizes many file-formats. so work-orders can easily be imported from many different window-design-software. all messages and alarms are displayed on the touch screen along with their solutions, then operator can manage the the machine via this software.


Cutting Profile bars and doing all profile processing such as opening espagnolette (Tilt system) holes and slots,
Opening drain slots, hinge holes,
Lock cylinders and door handle holes.
Cutting and several Processing jobs can be done simultaneously.

Optimizes the cutting list to minimize profile waste

There is a "chip and waste collection system" on the machine which with It's vacuum system, can collect chips and profile wastes, separately.

Min. : 600 mm
Max. : 6,500 mm

900 mm

Up to 6,500 mm

370 mm

3,000 mm (Extendable)

Min. : 35 mm ,
Max.: 130 mm

Min. : 40 mm ,
Max.: 140 mm


30° to 150°

No need!

Vertical and horizontal pneumatic profile clamping system

USB, WiFi, Ethernet connection

Light barriers and safety equipment conform to CE


7 pieces (high-speed air-cooling spindles)

Processing: 50 m./min,
Saw : 100 °/sec,
Carrier : 40 m./min

500 mm

3,000 rpm

5 mm (Carbide Fast Tool)

18,000 rpm

There are central lubrication system for all bearings, axes and sliding bearings

Service to the entire automation system, trouble shooting and fault removals can be done via remote connection.

10.8 kW, 27 A, 400 V, 3 Phases, 50-60 Hz

6-8 Bar

950 lt./ min.


15,500 mm

3,450 mm

2,200 mm

3,750 kg

Optional features

A special additional tool which enable the machine to cut several mullion profiles simultaneously! and extend the maximum length of loading profiles to 7500 mm which reduces cutting wastes!

Two screw units with servo controlled axes which can screw reinforcement steels from both sides simultaneously.

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