Welding and CNC Corner Cleaning Line


Welding and CNC Corner Cleaning Line

This CNC line can weld and finish corners of PVC (vinyl) window and doors, continuously.
Product Code: SSL1

This machine is an integrated line of :

This is a unit between welding machine and corner cleaner.

Welded sections are transferred to this unit to cool, then  sent to cleaning center.

The cooling time is set through welding machine's control panel.

  • TS820 Robotic turning station

This is a robotics turning arms that turns sections for corner cleaning machine.

This system is high-speed, durable and accurate.

Turning time for small frame is one second while it is up to 4 seconds for larger sections.  


Welds white and colored PVC (Vinyl) profiles.
welds four corner of a frame at the same time!
Finishing of all sorts of PVC frames, transoms, bars, crosses and overlap sashes.


3.600 mm x 2.600 mm

450 mm x 450 mm

Min. in automatic mode: 450 x 450 mm
Max. in automatic mode: 2.300 x 2.300 mm
Min. in manual mode: 380 x 380 mm
Max. in manual mode: Limitless

Up to 120 mm

Max :160 mm
Min :35 mm

Ethernet connection, wireless, USB

Light barriers and safety equipment conform to CE


12 pieces

45 m./min.

Ø 250 x Ø 30 x 3.2 mm , Z=80

5.200 rpm

14.000 rpm

There are central lubrication system for all bearings, axes and sliding bearings

Service to the entire automation system,trouble shooting and fault removals can be done via remote connection

(12 kW , 32 A)+(7 kW ,18 A)+(1.5 kW , 3 A)+(3 kW 7.5 A) , 3 Phases , 50/60 Hz

6-8 bar

180 lt. / min.


9,800 mm

4,750 mm

1,900 mm


Optional features

By this option it is possible to correct inaccuracy of cutting up to +2 mm and weld the product in the set size!

For proper welding of profiles with gasket!

automatic setting for welding range

one set is included

For finishing inside of sliding frames

For finishing inside of mono-block frames

Turning table will place on the corner of the line so the machine will need 12 m² less area to work!

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