Sash Assembly Station


Sash Assembly Station

This assembly station is used to assemble accessory and hardware on all sorts of opening window and doors.
Product Code: SA280

Assembling of Tilt & Turn, hinge, 3D hinge, handle and espagnolette are done without any additional requirements such as pattern, meter, drill or screwdriver!

This assembly station facilitates the process and increases the capacity of your workshop!

There is automatic centering system to find the center of the sash.

Measuring of espagnolette and scissors is automatic and there is a punch cutting system available cut them down to size!

The station enjoys of pneumatic screwdriver with automatic screw feeding and laser alignment system for screws.

There are single and triple drilling system, and milling system, available on the station.

 Accessories and hardware can be placed on the several shelves that are available on the station!



Assemble accessory and hardware on all sorts of opening window and doors.
Triple drilling,
Punch cutting

3,000 mm X 2,200 mm

Min. : 400 mm X 400 mm
Max.: 2,200 mm X 2,200 mm

Conform to CE


3 kW, 400 V, 3 Phases, 50-60 Hz

6-8 bar

240 lt./min.


3,080 mm

2,010 mm

2,030 mm

410 kg

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