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We believe that the main part of the production profits lies in good purchasing. Proper purchasing has a direct impact on the profitability of your factory/workshop. By saving money and time while you are supplying high-quality accessories and materials for the production line, you increase competitive advantages, and this is a Win-Win outcome for you and your esteemed customers.

As you are aware, no manufacturer covers all your needs in accessories and hardware. You use tens and sometimes hundreds of items of accessories or hardware to meet your customer demands.

There are many companies in Turkey, even though they produce high-quality products at competitive prices, they provide only a small fraction of the items that you need.

Identifying, research and negotiating with each of these manufacturers, buying and collecting the goods from various locations and finally exporting them from Turkey to your home country might be beyond your interest, time and possibilities.

But, we in “MAKE WINDOW”, fulfill this gap.

Reliability, quality, reasonable prices, fast collecting, and shipment are the advantages that we work hard, to provide for you.

Are you a distributor for UPVC (vinyl) window accessories & hardware or a door and window manufacturer? We are looking forward to a long term mutually beneficial association. 

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