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Crafting a superior window or door is an art, and the arch serves as a crucial element within this craft.

Arch and Radius windows are formed using curved profiles, necessitating the use of a bending machine. Properly bending a PVC profile requires a heating process, which can be achieved through 'hot air' or 'hot glycerin.' However, heating vinyl objects poses the risk of deformation. The solution lies in molds, crafted from flexible composite materials, precisely tailored to the profile's design. These molds fit snugly into the profile's inner chambers and outer contours, preserving its shape during the bending process.

Depending on the 'heating method' and the process of 'sliding the heated vinyl profile into the mold,' we offer three types of 'u-PVC profile bending machines':

Speed 5500 MTB


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Twist 3000


The prices include a set of molds for 60mm (Vinyl) PVC profiles. However, in order to design the appropriate mold for each profile, we will require a 1500mm sample of each.

A set of molds comprises the following components:

  • Frame
  • Sash
  • Mullion
  • Single glazing bead
  • Double glazing bead

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