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While uPVC profile bars possess many essential features for window manufacturing, they often lack the necessary stiffness and stability. Fortunately, the incorporation of steel reinforcement has proven to be an effective solution.

Before the welding process, a reinforcement profile is inserted into the inner chamber of each vinyl profile. This steel reinforcement significantly enhances the product's performance, offsetting the impact of temperature changes and preventing deformation in the shape of windows and doors.

Reinforcement profiles are typically crafted from steel and are tailored to fit the design of the inner chamber of the PVC profiles.

Screwdrivers and screw centers are employed to affix the reinforcement profiles by securely fastening them to the uPVC profiles.

Screw Centers

Screw center and Triple drilling


This machine has two screw units an a Triple-drilling unit which can insert screws in PVC, wood and metal. The machine is used for reinforcement fastening and opening holes for lock and handles.
Screwing Center


This machine has two screw units which can insert screws in PVC (vinyl), wood or metal. Screw unit is used for reinforcement fastening in PVC profile bars.

This assembly equipment streamlines the production process and enhances the capacity of your workshop!

Assembly Equipment

Sash Assembly Station


This assembly station is used to assemble accessory and hardware on all sorts of opening window and doors.
Glass Assembly Unit


This pneumatic table Facilitates the installation of glass panes on the window or doors.

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