Corner Cleaning Machine


Corner Cleaning Machine

This is an affordable Vinyl corner cleaning for your Upvc window & door workshop.
Product Code: KT-504

This machine is used to remove weld seams from corner and surface of the welded corner of frame & sashes.

This corner cleaner enjoys from an automatic-centering system and you can order with either two or four sets of cleaner knives capacity!



Remove seam welds from the surface and backside of the corner.

Min. : 380 x 380 mm
Max.: Limitless

Up to 100 mm

Max :90 mm
Min :40 mm

pneumatic clamps

CE compliance


2 X 0.55 kW , 400 V AC , 3 Phases , 50 Hz

6-8 bar

60 lt. / min.

3,000 rpm


1,055 mm

730 mm

1360 mm

200 Kg

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