End milling machine


End milling machine

This is an affordable automatic
machine for end milling of transoms and mullions at PVC and aluminum profiles
Product Code: PAC-502

This machine can do end milling of PVC and aluminum transom and mullions Automatically.

Two different cutter blade set for two different series of profile can be installed on the machine at the same time!

.End milling can easily be done in various angels


End milling of PVC or aluminum profiles automatically

up to 80 mm

up to 75 mm

150 mm

up to 90 mm

up to 30 mm


Pneumatic profile clamping system

There is a safety hood that equipped with a safety switch. the machine doesn't work while the hood is open


1,1 kw ,400 V, 3 Phases ,50-60 Hz

6-8 bar

5 lt. /min.

3,000 rpm


600 mm

450 mm

985 mm

105 kg

Optional features

Oil Mist Coolant System (Optional)

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