Double head mitre saw


Double head mitre saw

This full-automatic double head cutting machine is proper for high precision low-burr cutting of (Vinyl) PVC and aluminum profile bars.
Product Code: SD140
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This double mitre saw can be used to cut all profile and bars that are softer than aluminum as well.

This cutting machine is very precise in length and angles thanks to robust body, linear rail and sliding bearing system.

Cutting operation with this machine is very easy, thanks to it's ergonomic design.



Can cut aluminum and PVC profile bars.
Can cut two pieces of 80 mm dropper sash profiles at the same time!

500 mm

4,500 mm


45° to 90° , The saw heads tilt automatically for 45° and 90° cutting and easy manual fixation for Intermediate angles.

45° and 90°

Vertical and horizontal pneumatic profile clamping system

There is "profile support system" to balance the working piece.

On the right side of movable head

Local network connection and USB port

There are self closing hoods on each head. the saw doesn't move while the hoods are open.


500 mm

8.5 kW, 21.25 A, 400 V, 3 Phases, 50-60 H
2.2 kW for each motor

6-8 bar

50 lt./min

3,000 rpm


5,850 mm

1,595 mm

1,800 mm

1,000 kg

Optional features

Oil Mist Coolant System

Prints barcode on cutting pieces

Slides automatically the profile and cuts it to the same sizes small pieces, to be used as wedges.

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